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As a business owner, proper floor care should be one of your top priorities. Floors are one of the largest high-touch surfaces, accumulating dirt, germs, spills, and debris from daily foot traffic. Keeping the floor clean and safe is important for a safe and healthy environment for both customers and employees. Did you know, the … Read more

January 2024 Blog - Cost of Falls

Slip and fall accidents are a significant concern for businesses. Not only can they result in serious injuries, but they also carry high costs in liability claims. According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits, representing the leading cause of visits (21.3%). Slips and falls … Read more

history of table setting

Today, if you walk into any two restaurants, chances are their table setting styles will be different from one another. This difference is also clearly visible if you walk into any household.

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guide to kitchen towels

When it comes to functionality and significance in restaurant kitchen operations, nothing comes close to kitchen towels. They are versatile, functional, and essential in every corner of the restaurant – not just the back of the house!

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Mickey's Linen affiliations

Many business owners overlook affiliations in selecting businesses to work with, which may prove to be a costly mistake! When it comes to finding partners in your business’ growth and success, finding out who their ‘friends’ are is essentially getting to know more about who they are!

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restaurant cleanliness

Is your restaurant clean enough? What do customers notice? Of all existing businesses, nothing aside from the medical industry gets a demand for cleanliness more than the food service industry.

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apron rental

Aprons are, perhaps, one of the most flexible items in your restaurant linen inventory because of their vast array of uses! They not only provide protection for your employees’ uniforms, but are useful in essentially every corner of your restaurant. 

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holiday colors

When the winter season comes around, we all look for the perfect theme and holiday color palette. However, choosing a holiday color scheme for your business can be overwhelming, especially if you own or work at a restaurant.

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Mickey's Linen Customer Service

Everything about the way we do things at Mickey’s Linen revolves around service as our top priority. Our personalized service is designed to work perfectly for you! Most linen companies claim to have the best service in town. However, none of them meet Mickey’s standards of quality. Our reputation is built on 85 years of … Read more

table linen rental

Tablecloths and linen are no longer only meant for Grandma’s dining room tables!  Your guests actually prefer table linen over the crunchy paper and scuffed up tables. Add value to their dining experience by offering table linen: Different sizes of restaurant tables require different size linen – No matter the size or shape, the perfect … Read more