Sustainability Practices

Our Commitment to
Sustainability & Environmental Responsibility.

As a leading Chicago linen rental provider, we champion environmental responsibility by reducing disposables and embracing reusable products. Our commitment to sustainability starts with our core operations, where we play a key role in recycling. Through innovative approaches, we offer businesses solutions to minimize waste and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. That's What We Do.

We provide businesses with a solution that 100% reduces their disposables. There are many ways in which Mickey’s helps the environment: 


Water Recycling Systems

Our water recycling systems significantly reduce water consumption by up to 45%, allowing for responsible water reuse in our processes.


Re-Use of Textiles

When a product can no longer be rented, we explore alternative uses, extending its lifespan and minimizing waste.


Energy Efficiency

Our systems are designed to reduce energy usage, employing efficient heat transfer methods to minimize fossil fuel consumption.


Waste Recycling

We recycle linen, paper, and packaging materials whenever possible, ensuring responsible waste management.


Green Paper Products

Our restroom paper products offer portion control and are made from recycled materials, reducing over-use and waste.


Environmentally Approved Chemicals

All chemicals used in our processes are environmentally approved, ensuring safe and eco-friendly practices.


Optimized Route Deliveries

We utilize software to optimize our route deliveries, minimizing distances traveled and conserving fuel usage.


Efficient Lighting

High-efficiency lighting throughout our facilities helps to reduce energy consumption.


Customer Education

We educate and train our customers on reducing paper usage in their facilities to help reduce landfill waste.


Paperless Processing

By eliminating paper invoices and statements, we embrace a paperless approach to reduce unnecessary paper usage.


Silverware Return Program

Our silverware return program reduces landfill waste and helps to lower customer costs.

Industry-Leading Certifications: A Testimony to Our Commitment 

We are proud to hold industry-leading certifications that recognize our leadership in sustainability and conservation. Our responsible practices protect the environment while delivering high standards for processing linens and textiles. We are accredited by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC), exemplifying our commitment to delivering high standards in processing healthcare textiles for hospitals and healthcare facilities.

At Mickey's, environmental responsibility is not just a commitment; it's a way of life. We are dedicated to continuously exploring innovative practices and technologies to further minimize our ecological footprint and lead the way toward a more sustainable future for our community and beyond.

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