Casey Ricardo, GM of Hammond

As of March 29th, 2023, we are pleased to announce the promotion of Casey Ricardo to General Manager of the Hammond location. Here is how he got there:

February 2017, Casey was hired in Chicago as a Route Service Representative. Casey ran & jumped routes locally, also helping us in Milwaukee for a period of time, and then taking on a fully developed street route in downtown Chicago, posting some of the top metrics in the department. He dominated the position, going above and beyond in his day to day. 

February 2018, Casey was promoted to a Supervisory in Training role, learning all functions of route supervision, and customer management. He oversaw a few routes in the beginning, soon promoted to Route Supervisor, taking on greater customer responsibility, location fleet, and assisting with hiring. Towards the end of his time in Chicago, Casey was the “go to guy” in Service, indirectly overseeing 11 routes at the location.

October 2019, Casey was offered an opportunity to oversee the Hammond service department. The department required rebuilding from supervision to route reps, as well as customer support, and customer recalibrating. There were many early days and long nights to stabilize the service operations.  

July 2020, Casey was promoted to Service Manager, overseeing 8 local routes, and assisting on the branch level. There was a period of weeks Casey was in Fort Wayne, IN helping develop the branch. In this new role, he accelerated customer retention, and operational performance on the service level. During the peak of COVID-19, Casey wore many hats, having to step up and run routes, and re-route/rebalance routes, on top of the daily inbound and outbound customer needs.

November 2021, Casey was promoted to Assistant General Manager, helping oversee the office, production operations, three service depots and all route supervision for the location. 2021-2022, was a true rebuilding year(s) for the location strengthen the team in all areas from maintenance, to production, to service leadership. Casey was a driving force that helped run a bulk operating facility of 16 step van routes, and a production operation of nearly 50 team members, all while recording its best overall operating performance in the location’s history.

 When people move up within the organization, it’s because they are an impact player both as an individual contributor, but also as a person that can build team, manage a team, and most importantly, lead a team. A person that takes on more responsibility, and completes the task in less time, with performance excellence, while developing others.  

 Congratulations Casey!