Delivering Exceptional Service Since 1930

Mickey’s Linen has been a trusted name in satisfying customers for many years, starting from its roots in Chicago and expanding its reach throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan. In 1929, founder Chris “Mickey” Georgadis recognized the need for a company to deliver clean towels to beauty and barber shops. He began selling, servicing, washing, and delivering towels out of his Chicago basement, laying the foundation for what would become Mickey’s Linen.


From Humble Beginnings to an Industry-Leading Linen & Uniform Rental Program

From the very beginning, the company focused on delivering exceptional quality and service, which fueled its growth. In 1936, Mickey's operations outgrew his home, and he moved the business to a dedicated industrial processing facility. At this point, his nephew, Peter G. Brown, joined the company, bringing fresh ideas and expanding the product line to cater to new customers and markets.

Peter G. Brown's commitment to excellence became the guiding principle that remains at the company's core to this day. Under the leadership of Peter's children - Greg, Nick, Cynthia, and Chris Brown - the company experienced significant growth over the years. Today, we proudly continue into the fourth generation, led by Greg and Chris Brown, with Peter’s grandson, Peter G. Brown, ensuring a continued legacy of excellence.

Mickey’s Linen now operates across four states, employing over 375 dedicated team members. With multiple state-of-the-art processing facilities and a vast network of servicing locations, we cater to the needs of 5,500 satisfied customers. As we continue to expand into new markets, our commitment to delivering industry-leading linen & uniform rental programs and services remains unwavering.

At Mickey’s Linen, our passion for product quality and unparalleled service drives us to excel every day. We are dedicated to upholding the same values and principles that propelled us from our humble beginnings to becoming an industry-leading linen and uniform rental provider.


Employing Over

Dedicated Team Members


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