Mickey Delgado, Regional Production Manager

The week of September 14th, 2020, the day following our Chicago fire, Mickey’s Linen had hundreds of thousands of pounds of work to process, with no laundry facility. Our company struck three deals with three different hotel laundries. Mickey Delgado was tasked to “go run it”. Run the laundry with their people, their equipment, and our product. Some of the outsourced laundries did not follow the same standards as ours (1/10th our operating efficiency, different cultures, different equipment, 50% working equipment at times, totally different product lines). Our company ran this schedule with Mickey at the linen helm for approximately 8 months. On top of running outsourced laundries, Mickey led a complicated shuttle system between multiple locations for bulk load soil pick up/ delivery to each location. No customer deliveries were missed, no existing business was lost due to outsourced laundry processing.

As business returned in 2021, our Chicago facility came under deadlines to restart and bring online to full capacity. Our Hammond location came under deadline to restart, and required a complete rebuild from production workflow, staffing, training, and producing a better-quality product. Mickey balanced time between Chicago and Hammond as the demand fluctuated week to week, based on which operation required critical attention.

During Mickey’s time with us, she has played multiple roles when called upon, and has done a fantastic job with whatever she has taken on. She has been a true warrior and field General. She has assisted with the onboarding of hundreds of production team members, and onboarding/training of seven current production supervisors/team leads. 

Persistence is a short and long-term commitment to discipline. Persistence is fueled by an inner passion. Persistence is often associated with stubbornness and perfection, but a prime ingredient for success. Perseverance is our ability to pursue a goal and stick with it even when we encounter obstacles or setbacks. It’s a continued effort to achieve something despite difficulties. Perseverance asks the question when times are tough, do you throw in the towel and quit, or do you push through it, and make it happen. Mickey makes it happen.

With that said, we are pleased to announce the promotion of Mickey Delgado to Regional Production Manager. Mickey will be assisting in the responsibility of the development of production supervisors, and managers company wide, and assisting locations’ in achieving their performance objectives. Mickey’s “home” location will remain in Chicago, however you’ll see her less in steal toe boots, and in a different uniform at various locations. Please help in congratulating Mickey to the role as Regional Production Manager.