Everything You Need to Keep Your Facilities Clean and Stocked

Elevate the cleanliness and hygiene of your restroom and facility with comprehensive facility products and services. Our offerings are designed to help you maintain cleanliness in every room of your business. Plus, with our inventory management, you’ll never have to worry about restocking your products - we’ll take care of it for you. Never run out of toilet paper again with managed facility service products from Mickey’s.


Hand Hygiene

Sanitized hands are essential in the workplace, especially if you
work in the food service industry. Our sanitizers kill 99.99% of germs without water, soap, or towels, and our reliable service handles re-fills. Product include:

  • Hand Soap Dispensers

  • Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

  • Liquid, foam, and spray soap refill options

Paper Dispensers

There is nothing worse than running out of paper or paper towels in your kitchens or restrooms. We install, manage, and service each and every week, so you don’t have to. Products include:

  • Toilet Paper Dispensers

  • Towel Dispensers

  • Soft, absorbent paper products


More Solutions for Your Facility

We aim to fully outfit your facility with our complete restroom and maintenance solutions. Let us know how we can assist with any additional needs! Our experts are ready to provide:

  • Urinal Mats

  • Urinal Screens

  • Sanitizing Dispensers

  • Air Fresheners

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