Clean Floors, Healthy Business: The Importance of Floor Care

As a business owner, proper floor care should be one of your top priorities. Floors are one of the largest high-touch surfaces, accumulating dirt, germs, spills, and debris from daily foot traffic. Keeping the floor clean and safe is important for a safe and healthy environment for both customers and employees.

Did you know, the average liability claim for slip and fall injury is $42,000? Dirty floors not only look bad but can lead to expensive legal claims. Don’t let preventable accidents from poor floor cleaning end up costing your business. With floors gathering so many contaminants each day, having effective floor care practices is important. 

Mop Maintenance Matters 

Mops are essential for floor cleaning, but over time, mops accumulate all sorts of dirt, grime, and bacteria from floors. Using dirty, contaminated mops simply moves that filth around instead of removing it. 

Repeated use makes mops wear out over time and become less effective at cleaning. Proper mop maintenance through cleaning and timely replacement ensures that your mop can properly clean the floors.

Best Cleaning Practices:

Eliminate Cross-Contamination 

Rinse the mop after each use by using a two-bucket method. Dedicate one bucket for rinsing with plain water and the other for holding detergent. This practice ensures a more effective and hygienic cleaning process.

Dust Away Germs

Allowing dust to build up poses risks, especially in restaurants and healthcare settings. Airborne dust can easily contaminate surfaces, food, and anything else exposed to the environment. Keep your business healthy by using dust mops regularly to prevent buildup and unsanitary floors. 

Complete Drying

After each use, allow the mop to dry thoroughly before storing it away. This prevents the growth of bacteria and maintains the mop’s effectiveness 

Ideal Mop Storage 

Properly store your mop in a cool and dry location. Hanging it up is beneficial because it ensures the mop remains off the floor, minimizing the risk of contamination.

Prompt Mop Replacements

Regularly assess the condition of the mop and replace it when necessary. Clean floors depend on a good mop. A mop rental program from Mickey’s can help keep them in good condition for the best cleaning results. 

The Right Mop for Your Floors

Not all mops are created equal, and different types perform better than others on different surfaces. Luckily we are experts when it comes to these products and can offer our recommendations based on each one!


Microfiber mops are popular for flat, smooth surfaces, such as concrete and epoxy, due to their ability to capture and retain dirt and debris. Microfiber is highly absorbent and capable of removing microscopic particles, making it ideal for the most thorough cleanings. 

However, due to their lightweight nature, they are best used as a final step or for areas that receive frequent cleanings. Because the fibers are synthetic, microfiber mops are compatible with most cleaning solutions. Wet microfiber mops can be used with buckets and spray systems to clean spills and stains effectively, while dry and dust microfiber are ideal for collecting dust and loose debris off floors. 


String mops are a popular, classic choice for floor care and can handle the toughest cleaning jobs. They’re made of cotton, synthetic, and blended materials. They tend to be less effective than microfiber but can be used in any setting, making them an all-around favorite.

Wet string mops can hold a larger volume of water and cleaning chemicals, making them an effective option for most flooring types. Use wet mops to remove spills, stains, and other grime. Most are safe to use with degreasers and various multi-purpose solutions to ensure your floors are clean and safe. 

Dry and dust string mops are ideal for collecting dust, debris, and small amounts of trash on non-carpeted floors and are available in various sizes and styles to meet nearly any cleaning need. 

Sponge Mops

Sponge mops are a quick option for cleaning large floor areas. They can hold a lot of cleaning solutions, but they are less effective at removing stains, and there can be some difficulty in getting the more rigid shapes into tight corners when compared with string mops. They’re also notoriously ineffective at getting into grouted seams and tend to leave water behind, which can cause discoloration over time.

Steam Mops

Steam mops use heated steam to clean and sanitize floors. They’re tricky to use in settings outside of concrete/epoxy due to over-saturation of moisture and vapor during use. Not to mention, steam mops come with a hefty price tag.

The Benefits of a Mop Rental Service

Take the hassle out of floor care with a mop rental program with Mickey’s Linen. Our experts regularly replace old mops to ensure you always have the effective cleaning tools you need. In addition to mops, we also offer floor mat rentals– protecting your floors is what we do! Contact us today and we will set you up with a customized floor protection plan perfect for your business needs.