Restroom Services Start With A Free Quote

We provide products to automate your restroom as well as improve cleanliness and hygiene – while being ADA compliant. We will install the dispensers and service the product, allowing your staff to be in front of the customer! Please call or email us for more details.

Paper Products
Some of the many benefits of our bathroom tissue and hand towels are;

  • Hygienic “No-Touch” Dispensing
  • Portion control/one-at-a-time servings reduces over-use and waste
  • Tough, locking dispensers eliminate pilferage
  • Fully enclosed paper stays clean and dry and provides maximum protection
  • Transparent dispenser covers show roll status at a glance
  • Soft, absorbent towels dry hands quickly and gently
  • Dispensers meet HACCP requirements
  • Quiet reliable performance
  • Attractive designs look good, and promote positive business image
  • High capacity systems reduce labor cost and down time

Soap & Lotions
Experience a new level of hygiene. Our superior luxury liquid, foam and spray soaps are environmentally responsible with ingenious, innovative dispensers that ensure best cost-in-use. This innovative foam system provides the highest quality soap formulas in an extremely efficient dispensing system – quick foam and quick lather!

Hand Sanitizers
Kill 99.99 percent of germs without water, soap and towels. Our powerful hand sanitizers contain a unique combination of ingredients proven to retain your skin’s natural moisture and improve skin feel, even with frequent use. Dispensed in a wide spray pattern, the sanitizer fully covers your hands and dries almost instantly, leaving hands feeling smooth and silky.

Our hand sanitizing solutions can help Facility Managers meet the hand hygiene requirement that was recently added to the LEED-EB building rating system certification and re-certification process.  According to the U.S. Green Building Council, the LEED-EB policy requires: “Development of strategies for promoting and improving hand hygiene, including both hand washing and the use of alcohol-based waterless hand sanitizers.”

Sanitizing Dispenser Program
Dramatically improve any washroom’s image and cleanliness with automatic cleaning of urinals and toilets, making them odor free and presentable, day and night.

Keep the air smelling fresh with our Auto Flush program – it will boost your imageas well as eliminate odors and other contaminants that could develop when toilets and urinals are not flushed.

Air Care
Award-winning systems and a world leading fragrance pallet enhance the washroom experience. Innovative dispensing platforms deliver highly effective and cost efficient odor control for 60 days. Our TCell Air Care program is an environmentally friendly program air care program: operates without batteries, no propellants are used, components are recyclable, emits no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).