Start Your Guest’s Dining Experience off Right with Table Linen!

Tablecloths and linen are no longer only meant for Grandma’s dining room tables!  Your guests actually prefer table linen over the crunchy paper and scuffed up tables.

Add value to their dining experience by offering table linen:

  • Different sizes of restaurant tables require different size linen – No matter the size or shape, the perfect fit is key. Therefore, finding the right fit for the right size table is a must.
  • Different colors – You have spent so much time creating the menu and the design concept, add a unique twist on the traditional white tablecloths and napkins with colors that grab your attention and accentuates your style.
  • Quality – Tablecloth and napkin quality can give customers a feeling of luxury. High-quality linen will provide a cleaner, softer feel over cheaper fabric and paper. Guests appreciate establishments which go the extra mile and provide them with exceptional grade linens.

Our Team at Mickey’s will guide you through a linen program that is just right for you and your guests. Please contact us today and we will let you know how you can get started with our service!