Meeting Your Expectations

Join the 5,500 customers, and 85 years of history partnering with Mickey’s.

1. Team Communication

We are committed to working with and servicing you. Therefore we have a few team experts that are here to help. As a family owned & operated company since 1930, part of our success is our culture of open & easy communication.

2. Service Contacts // Customer Service

Our #1 goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction! Below please find several your main contacts involved in managing & servicing your account.

  • Weekly Route Service: Primary contact & weekly route service representative.
  • Service Requests: Office hours – 8AM-4:30PM, responsive customer service accessible through our Customer Service Email Address
  • Route Manger: Secondary contact, responsible for managing and overseeing your account.
  • Accounts Receivable Rep: Questions on your weekly billing, monthly statements & payment terms.
3. Invoicing & Statements

Within 24-36 hours from your delivery, you will receive the invoice you signed. Every month, you will receive an emailed statement on the 3rd or 4th business day of the month. You can pay by check, or automated credit card transfers.

Food Sanitation Seminars

In the City of Chicago, a certified Food Service Sanitation Manager is required to be on duty at all times when potentially hazardous food is prepared or served.  This person is responsible for overseeing the food handling and preparation process to prevent the occurrence of food-borne illness.

 The Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification program is administered by a Mickey’s Linen approved trainer. Mickey’s provides these training programs, at no cost to its customers. The program is designed to offer food handlers and supervisors a basic food science background and develop knowledge for the proper handling of food and the sanitary maintenance of food establishments.