Ecofriendly and cost saving facts on cloth napkins compared to paper products.

Here are the main reasons why so many choose cloth over paper. Here’s why you should consider making the switch too:

“After the switch to linen, the noise from clanking of plates and glasses was very much reduced and the customer feedback was excellent.”

“Customers told me that my tables were sticky and unclean, which was an issue. Linen corrects the problem and we have decided to stay with linen from now on.”

“My advice to anyone considering switching to linen is to think long term, go for the linen and reap the benefits. You will have happier repeat customers and an edge over your competitors.”

Consumers Perceived Value Increased by 12% and 25%

When consumers viewed the same meal on various table settings, the use of cloth increased their perceived value of the dish.

Bare Table
Paper Napkin

Bare Table
Cloth Napkin

Cloth & Napkin