Keep every nook and cranny of your restaurant sparkling and clean without filling up your waste bin or losing cash to paper towels. Get the best commercial towels from the best supplier in town: Mickey’s Linen!

We have an array of towels perfect for your commercial kitchen needs – available in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes:

Microfiber Towels

o   Made of microscopic, synthetic fibers

o  Can penetrate small crevices and pick up germs and debris that larger fibers (like cotton) cannot get into

o   Repels water

o   Attracts dust

o   Quick-drying

o   Can be washed and re-washed as frequently as needed

Dish Towels

o   Small towels designed to effectively dry dishes and glasses/cups after washing

o   Eco-friendly alternative to paper towels for drying dishes

o   Multipurpose for quick surface cleaning to wipe off spills and food stains

Kitchen Towels

o   Absorbent and durable for quick spill cleanups and hand drying

o   Larger and longer sizes than dish towels

o   Designed for utilitarian purposes

o   Used to clean up dishes for cleaner plating

o   Can also be used to hold hot plates and pots

The Benefits of Using Cloth Towels over Paper Towels

Are you currently using paper towels in your restaurant? Here’s why you are better off with using cloth towels like the ones mentioned above for your commercial kitchen and business needs:

o   Cloth towels can be used and reused more than once.

o   Cloth towels are more durable and do not fall apart over large amounts of sauces and greasy spillages

o   They do not add up to your solid waste

o   Can clean up faster and more efficiently

o   Cheaper in the long run

o   Multipurpose use

Rent Your Towels Today!

Renting towels over keeping an inventory of your own allows for hassle-free cleaning and easy replacements. This allows you more time and energy to focus on growing your restaurant business and less time worrying about running a laundry room that can be expensive and time-consuming!

Get Your Restaurant Towels Covered!

Mickey’s Linen has been the leading supplier of restaurant linens in the Illinois area since 1929. We have a large inventory of products to help you keep your restaurant clean at all times.

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